Delightful Discoveries

As you probably have figured out, I’m a tidbit kind of person. Here are a few things I’ve come across recently that I’d like to share with you. Enjoy!


The Delicious Miss Dahl. I watched it for the first time today, and with some research, I found out that I saw the last episode in a six-part series. {Only six parts? Aww.}

Episode 6 – Celebratory

Episode six is all about celebration and Sophie creates a generous banquet from her tried and trusted crowd pleasers, cooking as much as she can in advance for stress free entertaining. The evening starts with a hot pink borscht, served in a vintage glass punch bowl, and delicious fresh oysters are laid out with bloody mary and shallot and vinegar dressings. The centre piece of the table is a trussed up sea trout with a goat’s cheese, almond and herb stuffing served alongside a wild rice risotto terrine.

Thank goodness for this description. {See information about the rest of the episodes here.} All I can remember is “oysters” and “risotto”. This experience has only reinforced the notion that I probably need to expand my work in the kitchen beyond microwaving mugs of water and making stale sandwiches. The cuteness of the show even goes beyond Jamie Oliver proportions.

This blogger made these cupcakes herself!


On from food to fashion, I love it when fashion and charity come together. 100% of Tommy Hilfiger’s The Promise Collection goes to helping communities throughout Africa through sustainable change. Each item from the collection is dedicated for a specific cause, such as gender equality or improving the environment. See the collection here.

Flowers are always beautiful, and this arrangement is more than lovely. I think I came across it on Pinterest once upon a time.

What little things are making you happy?

Have a great weekend.

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